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In-Home Mind & Memory Care on Long Island, NY

The mind and memory care services at Bryan Skilled Home Care are designed to support cognitive health and enhance the overall quality of life for your elderly loved ones. We focus on maintaining mental stimulation to help combat age-related cognitive decline and memory loss. Our team of dedicated professionals takes a personalized approach to each individual's needs, creating customized plans that incorporate mind exercises, engaging activities, and social interactions.

Don't wait to give your family the peace of mind they deserve. Contact Bryan Skilled Home Care today and discover how our mind and memory care services can make a difference in the lives of seniors on Long Island.

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We provide a wide range of medical care options by partnering with top health insurance providers like Aetna, Senior Whole Health, Fidelis, VNS, and Extended. Our team is here to help you find the ideal coverage, whether it's through private insurance, Medicaid/Medicare Advantage (Agewell, VNS, Aetna), or NHTD/TBI Waiver Programs. Contact us today to explore a customized solution for your healthcare needs and start your journey toward improved well-being.
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Dedicated Mind and Memory Care Services for Long Island Residents in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties

Elevate your elderly loved ones' cognitive well-being with our at-home mind and memory services on Long Island. Our expert team is dedicated to providing exceptional care tailored to their unique needs. Discover the numerous benefits of our program, including:

  • Personalized care plans for mental stimulation: Customized exercises to keep minds sharp and engaged.
  • Engaging activities to maintain cognitive function: Brain games, puzzles, and memory exercises to support mental health.
  • Social interactions to support emotional well-being: Encouraging meaningful connections to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Comprehensive daily support for a balanced lifestyle: Ensuring a well-rounded approach to care, including physical and emotional support.
  • Professional and compassionate caregivers: Our highly trained staff is committed to delivering the best possible care.

Choose Bryan Skilled Home Care to enhance your loved one's cognitive health and overall quality of life in the comfort of their Long Island home. Don't wait – contact us today and experience the difference our mind and memory care services can make.


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We are conveniently located at 15 Albany Ave. in Amityville, Long Island, making it easy to cater to patients in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens.